Islands of Godhood

As ye pray to the Universal Father of Lights .. be thou quiet and remain for a time in the silence of your receptivity. 

Give opportunity for thine indwelling spirit life to reach to you in all its subtleties .. allow the Father's Life to speak to thine listening soul. 

The spirit of the Father shall touch into thine human experience best when thine human mind is upholding an attitude of true adorational worship. 

Worship God through the Father’s indwelling spirit .. amplify and strengthen and illuminate thine mind by your wholehearted commitment and conviction .. by your wholehearted willingness to find the Father, to worship him in spirit and in truth .. as you raise your sight into his Absoluteness of Truth. 

Worship .. pure giving of adorational worship .. shall maketh of thee increasingly like the Universal Father whom you do worship.

Our Prayerful Intimacy and Personal Communion is the righteous use of your will, body, and mind. It is through this directly powerful worship that you are transforming your human experience; thine finite selfhood does gradually approach and ultimately attain to the invincibility of the presence of the Infinite.

Michael Of Nebadon


  1. El espíritu del Padre tocará mejor tu experiencia humana cuando tu mente humana esté manteniendo una actitud de Adoración adoracional. verdadera.

  2. Mi Padre Dios, Fuente de Amor, toda verdad y belleza, yo te doy mi Adoración, Aceptación y Lealtad, Mi alianza contigo..en mi Corazón y mente.

  3. Thank You Michael for sharing this most Truthful Path


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