My Universal Hand of the Maiden

The Rocky Shoals of thine mortality must be traversed with the Way of God Victory .. a very specific set of precepts which I give to My apostles of Salvington. As ye walk with Me into thine very own Divinity Life, shall you find yourself crossing many a bridge .. a multitude of rocky passageways .. and to survive this mighty mortal journey .. ever shall you taketh Mine Hand Universal. I shall lift thee over the rocky shoals of your misqualifications .. and I shall show you the Truth of Intimacy with God. 

Now .. are ye mastering all destructive old momentums of mortality which have been a noose around the delicate neckline of thine soul. The Way must be walked with Trinitarian Values and Mother Spirit Virtues. Now shall you build that illustrious reception of Me. Mine Vision I do give to you directly from the Paradise Hand of the Eternal Son and His Administration. Mine Eternity Verities must be applied in cooperation with My Eternity Word. 

Then .. and only then .. ye shall refine thine mind and will in order to tackle the throes of ephemerality. The Way of God Victory .. The Life of God Intimacy .. The Truth of God Authority. These are your personal weaponry necessary to combat the forces of darkness. 

These three Precedents are your great shield and buckler which shall protect you from collapsing back into the erratic and dangerous waves of the world. I am come beloveds .. to set aflame upon the darkness of the world .. and to illuminate the veritable approach of the progressive ascendancy into the Garment of Immortality for each and every personality soul to attain to. 

Christ Michael Of Nebadon


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