The Husks of Life Shall Fall Away

There is a Fountainhead of Truth .. a Center and Source .. out of which flows all the Life.

So Pure is this Fountainhead of Life and Truth whose everlasting waters carry no pollution .. and to participate in drinking of the unpolluted waters of Life is to become this Life in your Individualized experience. 

Some shall seek this Life vainly .. to accomplish their own agendas .. and some desire to drink of it greedily .. for their own purposes and the gathering of recognition from others. 

Yet .. all have it poured upon them constantly and continuously with no end in sight. And as you approach this Life .. so shall you be given Life Eternal.

Waste no moments in thine anxious longings for the husk of circumstances .. yet, giveth unto the world its grantings and rantings .. allow for its grumblings; for the world mind seeks to find satisfactions in temporal excursions .. yet do I say to you .. be goodly of God. Maketh thine mortal life to shine with his glory .. and as ye discover thine godliness, so will you seek to maketh the world into its godliness.

My Life is that which I am. I, being godly, work to maketh the world godly, likewise.  

I say .. that I have originated at the Paradise Core wherein the Unnameable Infinity hath revealed its grain .. and I am arising unto the heights of My own Order and Stature .. My Station beckons Me to attend to pastures wide and deep. I have asked no sinecure from those who are worldly, and I have troubled not myself with hungerings after temporal circumstance and the uselessness of effects. 

Pity not the stricken of the world who refuse Me, and who are ruefully opposed to grow their own stature into the greater heights. 

Instead, venture forth .. yet, capsize not thine vessel upon the roughness of worldly waters where waves of ephemerality promise to carry you homeward. 

Be attendant upon thine own ship .. stand in your post as captain .. taketh the wheel of governance upon thine personhood, and allow yourself to ride the waves of the world's ocean toward righteousness and respect for Life.

Christ Michael Of Nebadon


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