Love Cometh to the Holy Ones

I sayeth to the emerging holy ones who decide to enter consciously the great procession inwards to Paradise...

Love operateth to constructively raise thee .. to create and build universal community and harmonious social orders throughout the manifold planetary civilizations of our Universe.

Love operateth to create, preserve and maintain, to uphold and advance all into the fuller Perfection.

Love operateth to bring thee to a point in your evolutionary development so that you consider yourself .. thine existence .. considering your capabilities as a unique mind and personahood with the indwellingof the Father's Life in thee.

Love operateth to build your considerations for participating in the great aught of existence .. the truth of one reality underlying all realities and beings.

Considerations and sincerely impulsed contemplations of the individual personality smootheth and sympathizeth the galactic atmospheres.

Love maketh easy and fulfillments cometh upon the countenances of those who consider, cooperate, collaborate, contemplate, coordinate, and counsel.

Love arriveth to you as you raise thine priorities unto the Universal Priority of Justice and Order and Advancement.

Love .. he cometh to smoothe thine passageways of gaining Intelligence and Mercy .. one to the other.

Achieve thine personality cooperation and conviction. Mature thine sights unto becoming divine collaborators who have embarked upon the processional of the ages.

Michael Of Nebadon


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