Towards an Absoluteness of Mind

Verily do I illuminate thine progressive walk inward and upward in life...

First .. ye shall mature thine mindal urges with the spirit of intuition for the righteous intuitive instincts of mind in it's impulses for the capacities it is designed for; to become a true citizen of the cosmos.

Then, learning associations and the coordination of understanding .. ye shall receive of this spirit of understanding which is the Universe Mother preparing your mind and will .. then the spirit of courage to confront the darkness and uphold the law of existence.

The spirit of knowledge and it's discovery shall ripen thine mindal tendencies to discover the higher meanings and those everlasting values of trinitarian origin.

Counsel and fellowship with all others shall become developed in you as you receive and as you allow the Creative Mother Spirit to begin encircuitment with her .. raising thine mind and will .. elevating thyselves into the Source of all minds within Nebadon .. the Universe Mother who gently and very gradually encircuits you with her Mind. You gain capacities unknown to human thinking through yout guidance within the upraising influences of this spirit of counsel.

Finally .. the mind is now in it's later preparatory stages of development .. strong in it's capacities and righteous in it's capabilities for worshipful attentions of thought and feeling directed towards the Father's Life in there .. the Paradise Thought Adjuster of God the Father.

The Mother's spirit of worship builds your adoration faculties for reaching and honoring your Source.

Worshipful mind grows in you .. and the conducting and unifying spirit of wisdom brings you to a point in your development where in worship is fulfillment and joy .. wisdom gathering is purpose and of priority. The higher differential urges are blossoming in mind and heart .. those necessary soul building receptivities are appearing for thee .. the grander impulses and the more refined inclinations are strengthening in you .. growing mind beyond the circumference of it's own subjective meanings and personality interpretations .. you are reaching into the Absoluteness of Mind. You are birthing true understanding and knowledge. Truth is becoming a part of your lifetimes of experience in this spiritualizing attainment of your experience and existence.

Redemption beloveds .. is the actual fulfillment of your atonement of mind and immortal soul .. of personality and carnal body .. into union with God who lives in you as an Individualized Presence.. and as you transfigure all opposing currents of consciousness while learning to give thyself wholeheartedly and with the fullest extent of your determination to be the will of heaven .. to share your mortality with the Individualized Immortality living in you .. to unconditionally translate your human mortal nature imperfect energies and personhood into that perfectly unified blending of human and God.

You are becoming whole and complete .. unified as a human and divine personality .. a newly emerged personalization of the finite Supremacy of God in our universe.

I welcome you, beloved...

Christ Michael Of Nebadon


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