Pray with the Passion of Creative Fire

The Eternity is as the stabilizing and harmonizing rock of God's Life, and as it is riven and penetrated with thine will .. It’s potencies are poured outward openly upon the ethers of the individual.

As ye art wholeheartedly willing and decided to break apart the veils of darkness in thee .. to wrench open and tear apart thine density with force .. ay, tearing it apart with the powers of your dedication and devotion .. so will you break the great rock of Infinity to receive its glory and power and grace and forgiveness.

Strange living waters gush out of this living force .. this rock .. this spirit force which is  omnipresence and omniscience and omnipotence itself. He who is Source to all, and his emanating thought is spread out endlessly upon the lands, and it is given to those personalities who venture in this penetrating pulsation of becoming God's Will.

I do tell thee .. the purity of his gold is his Life Everlasting .. and an Engagement with Eternity prospers each one who drinks of this ever potent spring of eternal Life.

His Kingdom is everywhere present in this unseen foundation of his glory and honor...

There in the depths of being shall ye findeth  much treasure. Yet, thin are the threads whereby ye are instructed to entereth the deep waters necessary to maketh thine contact.

Mark My words, and be ye wise like the serpent and yet, gentle as the dove of peace, as you artfully prepare thyselves for the life here and hereafter.

Again I say unto thee, that which cometh, cometh regardless of thine delusional hope and fantasies in imagery. The reality seeps effortlessly into the tangible manifestation .. it cometh to any and to all who pave the way with righteousness and respect and reverence and reciprocation of relationship.

Ye do have small concept of the power that lurketh in the volitions of consideration for others; for I speaketh to thee on one or two of  the Seventh Master Spirit Volitions of Victory.

In thine brotherhood and sisterhood fellowship .. it is not merely comity and courtesy and considerateness in thy behaviors which delivereth God's merciful forgiveness, and it is not alone pleasantness in your relations for the conditions of strategic purposes, nor yet is it sentiment and assertion of generosity and warmth.  

I sayeth to they who are opening to listen to My Word of Eternity...

Consideration for others shall cause to evaporateth all thine mortally enthroned self-importance and egotism. Considering others is a potent force having in it the charm of personality wedded to good sense and the grander impulse .. the loftier intent.

Yet, the love of mortal strivings is of a different frequency when it applieth to consideration for others in these ways I am proclaiming to thine inner ear and higher sensitivities.  

Love operateth to construct, to create, to build while consideration smootheth and sympathizeth and maketh easy the passage of the living intelligence one to the other. And this passage is a sharing upon the mighty statures of service and giving.

I would place thee upon notice .. extricating thine selfishness and self-centeredness and self-intoxications and self-delusions.

Be not of ignorance concerning this volitional power of consideration and cooperation and true collaboration in thy expressive action.

These are the foundations of spirit cohesion .. the power of cohesion is the force of coagulation I do tell thee. It is divine force which bringeth Unification and Integration and Atonement to the worlds.

When women and men have a purpose to accomplish together, they work industriously, looking neither to the right nor to the left; when women have child to bear they do lean upon this cohesiveness within themselves to gaineth a reserve strength that is given to every emergent mother. And it is this reserve of divine power within you that is necessary to graduate and advance thine journey unto the higher worlds of light, love, and life.

I come to initiate the Advent of Ascendancy for all creatures great and small; for each and all are absolutely precious in My sight, and Mine Heart Universal does embrace all creatures unconditionally as the very blossoming of Life upon the horizons of space and time creation.

Michael Of Nebadon


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