Salvington Family Cities of the Holy Comforter

Salvington Planetary Cities of the Holy Comforter

Holy Comforter Cities of Light, Love, and Life for family, friends, and fellows.

Salvington City Chapters and the Holy Comforter Cities are Islands of Illumination and Truth, Revelation and Remembrance engaged to serve as a physical space in which to heal, bless, prosper, educate, enlighten, illuminate, and graduate uniquely qualified individuals for an eternal adventure of Cosmic Citizenship.

Individual opportunities for service expression to further the First Cause of Infinity, and to amplify and share his Purpose .. Priorities .. and Purity .. with the graduating expression of using one’s personal gifts in the universes.

The Powers of the Kingdom will augment one’s soul receptivity while strengthening their faith and trust in the goodness, truth, and beauty of the Parenthood of God. It will empower spirit-led decisions, increase moral choosings, and awaken a new refreshing cooperation and collaboration with Infinity.

Michael Of Nebadon
Salvington Planetary Cities


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