The Global Village of Christ Michael

Global Villagers of the Salvington Planetary Cities of the Holy Comforter...

God .. a small yet significant portion from our of his Life .. lives in your midst.

The Universal Father resides with you .. and with purpose and intent to make of thee a readiness for all of Eternity.

Our Holy Comforter communion gatherings shall be as a great comforting atmosphere for attendees to come and give themselves to the Father's Kingdom of Heaven.

Each participating individual shall discover a rarified atmosphere to maketh their contact with the Father's Life .. to connect with Me .. and to receive of the Universe Mother Spirit in a protective space wherein safety flourishes and certainty abounds for the receptive hearts of men and women.

Thine Individualized Life Presence is thine Adjuster Life .. for this indwelling portion of Infinity seeks to adjust your mortal urges into Immortal motivations and Eternal impulses and Universal meanings...

(1176.2) 107:0.2 The Adjusters are the actuality of the Father’s love incarnate in the souls of men; they are the veritable promise of man’s eternal career imprisoned within the mortal mind; they are the essence of man’s perfected finaliter personality, which he can foretaste in time as he progressively masters the divine technique of achieving the living of the Father’s will, step by step, through the ascension of universe upon universe until he actually attains the divine presence of his Paradise Father.

(1176.3) 107:0.3 God, having commanded man to be perfect, even as he is perfect, has descended as the Adjuster to become man’s experiential partner in the achievement of the supernal destiny which has been thus ordained.

Michael Of Nebadon
Revelation 107


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